vent your anger all you want. but don’t start saying i never “loved you as much as you did for me”. love is equal. never less, never more. 2 and a half years of commitment and you say that was not love. you forgot the point that my feelings lessened when you rejected me first. i’m sorry but this is how things turned out.

look after yourself.

Please look after yourself. Stay safe.

please look after yourself. don’t cry.

strangers again

sadly, feeling torn apart and i don’t want you to be so upset. please stay happy. ignore me, block me if you have to.

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happy birthday mn

i know this is hard.. for both of us.. i don’t want you to think of me.. but if you end up stumbling upon my page then i guess it can’t be helped.. and i can’t help it either…

its hard feeling like this when we have loved and embraced each other for two and a half years. living in the comfort and warmth of each other, sharing big moments.. graduation, birthdays, milestones.. creating endless memories together.. Embracing in laughter, tears and joy… the time we had together was mesmerising, pure bliss.

its upsetting.. not being able to give you any spontaneous surprises.. not being able to see you smile, make new memories or to just be there with you..

but its different now…

i really want you to have fun, experience and adventure new things without me. i want you to blossom into more of a beautiful person that you are  since the first time i laid my eyes on you. you were and always will be officially my first. i know you will be able to get back on your feet when times get tough and that’s why i’m always so proud of you.

I will remember you,

happy birthday mn


why do i feel like this. my mind has been mixed with thoughts all day.

why is everything so hard

i really don’t know if i’m overthinking…